Monday, January 11, 2010

Worst Wife EVER!!!

You're probably thinking this is in response to my lack of dedication to housework. Yes, that is a major failing I have. I could make a feminist rant here about how just because I'm a woman doesn't mean I have to do all housework. However, J is at work all day, so I do think that more of the housework should fall to me.

But, housework is NOT the failing to which I refer.

I think I broke one of J's ribs.


I wish I could say we were doing something wild and crazy, but sadly, no.

Every once in a while, he'll ask me to pop his back. I have been successfully popping his back for 17 years now, and never had an incident. I try to go just to either side of his spine, and apply even pressure.

On Thursday, he asked me to pop his back, so I agreed, not thinking anything of it. When I got to between his shoulder blades, there was a weird pop sound. It didn't come from the spine (because I can kind of feel it when it pops), and he was immediately in quite a bit of pain in his rib cage, in the front.

He's played it down, but he is definitely in pain. And get this: There is a LUMP where he feels the pain the worst. The spot is a couple inches lower and to the outside of his nipple.

I feel absolutely awful about it.

I will admit it's spawned a couple of entirely inappropriate domestic violence jokes, but joking aside, I feel terrible. I will never crack his back again. I've begun to nag him to go to a chiropractor so he can fix whatever I did, but he hasn't been willing so far.


Kristen said...

Oh crap, that is awful. I would nag him to go to a doctor and get an xray.

Katie said...

he definitely needs to get an x-ray! oh no!!