Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Post Office is out to get me

For some reason, my local post office occasionally returns mail addressed to me as "no such address". It usually targets particular individuals, most usually, my dentist. He sends me occasional appointment reminder postcards, remember to schedule your checkup cards, birthday cards, and a bill or two. I never get them though. They are always returned to sender. This has been irritating.

Around Christmastime, my friend Tsubasa sent us a Christmas package, as she always does on Christmas and our birthdays. This year, the post office returned it. I was pretty furious, as postage from Japan (or to, for that matter) is pretty expensive. It seems unfair for her to have it rejected even though she addressed it properly.

With the dentist office though, while irritating, it's been a little funny to me. Imagine my delight when I actually had a piece of mail from my dentist ACTUALLY arrive at my house. I laughed out loud when I saw how Sharon, the office manager, addressed it:I guess if I instruct people to write "This is the right address" under my address, the post office will deliver it. Good to know.

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