Thursday, December 20, 2012

Crazy Days

I have been running around so busy that I'm actually a little surprised that I'm sitting down to blog. The odds are excellent that I won't even finish this post before I'm off and running around.

I have three active buyers and one listing right now. One of the buyers will close (hopefully) next week. Another will hopefully close mid-January (though they texted today that they're thinking about backing out of this deal), and my listing hopefully by the end of January. I was hoping for end of December, but feeling less optimistic about that.

I'm also busy volunteering in my kids' classes, sitting on the boy scout committee, being a girl scout leader, and working on Christmas gifts. I was up late last night baking cookies for K to take to school for some school party.

Today is a great example of how things have been.

7:30am: Door knocks. M's carpool is here, but he overslept and isn't ready, so they leave without him.  I rush to get everyone ready, and we run M to school.

Then, I ran over to my listing- it's a vacant house, and the bank never winterized the house. It's been in the teens at night, so I'm worried about the pipes freezing. I have a space heater in there that I'm running occasionally to keep it warmer.

8:45: take the little kids to school.

9:45: eye doctor appointment for me. They dilate my eyes, which I hate.  It also means that I can't read at all.

11:30: get Z from school. Ask him about his day, which sounds uneventful. Run to the grocery store to get stuff for lasagna for dinner.

12:10: Take S to the dentist- her remaining lateral incisor chipped and started bleeding, so we needed to pull the tooth. She was very brave, considering how long that root was.

12:45: Check S back into school. While in the office, the principal stops me and asks how Z is feeling. Ummm, what? Why are you asking that way? He then tells me that two boys got into a little bit of a scuffle today, and Zac ended up getting knocked over, and then they fell on top of him. Well. Ok then. This is very interesting considering he'd told me earlier that the day was uneventful.

1:30 Take Z to my MIL's so that I can go volunteer in S's class.

2:00-3:30: Volunteer in S's class. This is somewhat difficult, given that I still can't read, and I look like a morphine addict with my dilated eyes and sunglasses. Then we pick up Z from Grandma's.

4:10: Go for allergy shots. With the way my day was going, I expected one of us to have a systemic reaction, but all went smoothly.

4:15: Get a phone call from J that he'll be home from work late, and "the civic will be in tow." Uh oh. Turns out the skid plate fell off the car ahead of him, and he didn't have time to swerve to miss it. It sheared through the front bumper, and destroyed the radiator and the fans. Excellent.

4:50: Vision returns to normal. Yay!

5:00: Stop at the store to buy a Christmas gift with two kids acting like crazy people.

6:30: make waffles for dinner. Lasagna plan didn't work out. Maybe Saturday?

7:30: go to a quick birthday party for a friend's daughter.

8:45: wrestle all kids off to bed.

9:45: bake brownies to take to the teachers tomorrow.

10:30: work on quilt that's a birthday gift.

I am ready for Christmas break!