Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Seriously so traumatized

Here's the deal on S's mouth injury.

I could tell immediately she'd broken her right side incisor, and that her two front teeth were kind of moved away. She also put her canines on either side through her lip, but those cuts on her lip didn't seem nearly as bad as the teeth issue.

I panicked for a minute while I got a cold cloth on it, and then called the dentist. He was not in the office today, but there was a number to call if you were an existing patient and it was a "true dental emergency". He said he'd come in, and to meet me there in 45 min.

Dr. Bronson looked things over and agreed that the incisor definitely had to go. He felt it would be less traumatic to her if she was sedated, and I agreed. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to do that. So, he called around dentists who COULD until he found one who could take her right away.

We got to the second office, and Dr. Hibbert got her all nicely sedated. Looked her over, and he felt like both the side incisor and BOTH front incisors on top had to go. He is worried the other side incisor may die too, but left it alone for now. The actual extraction only took about 5 minutes, and she was really good for that.

S woke up (sorta) from it all, and was pretty disoriented. She figured out pretty quickly that she was missing a couple teeth and was very, very upset. I've assured her that she'll get new teeth growing in, but that it'll take some time. She did announce she wanted to live at that dentist's office, and was mad when I took her home. They gave her an otter pop to eat, both to make the area feel better and to see if she could keep it down. One side effect of the sedation is upset stomach, and I've been told to expect some vomiting. So far, we've been fine.

She's recovering on my bed now.

I'm wishing I drank. I've done broken bones, stitches, glue, staples, concussions, CT scans, MRIs, ingested lamp oil, and today was definitely toughest on me.

Here is the the coffee table she hit- I can't believe how hard she hit, to make such a big mark.

Here's the teeth they extracted. You can see how badly the one was broken. I have the shard, but didn't bother photographing it.

I have to put in a good word for both Michael Bronson, DDS and Dr. Steve Hibbert, DDS. Dr. Bronson came in on his day off, along with Sharon, and were very sweet and compassionate with both of us. Dr. Hibbert was able to see us within 15 minutes of getting the phone call from Dr. Bronson, even though we were not existing patients. The staff at both places were absolutely wonderful, explaining exactly what was going on, what to expect, and more than willing to answer any questions.

While today has been absolutely awful for me, these kind, wonderful people definitely made it a bit easier. I would recommend either dentist to anyone.

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Kristen said...

All I can say is that I am glad for you that it is over. Hopefully she will recover quickly.