Thursday, January 21, 2010

updates on minutae

Since I am stuck in the house, and now I've learned that my sister checks my blog twenty times a day, here's what's happened in the last hour.

I gave up the idea of potty training Z just yet. Yesterday we happened to walk past the diapers, and yelled out "diapers!! Diapers for Z!!!" with such joy that I know he doesn't want to give them up.

When we were at the store, S wanted to buy Cheetos twisted puffs, so we did. I knew she wouldn't be able to eat them for a while, so I figured we'd keep them sealed til she was ready. Well, she came in to "talk" to me. After much wild guessing, I learned that she wanted me to eat cheetos for her, and she fed some to me. Awwwww!

Then, we made some jello jigglers. They're chilling in the fridge for now, but I'll let her cut them into fun shapes when it's set.

She came in, and after more wild guessing (I am getting seriously good at this!) I discovered she wanted a smoothie. I made one with chocolate milk, ice cream and bananas. She is eating it now, so I'm beyond thrilled to get something into her.

I've sat here contemplating my situation. For us, we've had a bad string of luck. But really, as awful as it seems to me, I know it's not that bad. I haven't had to watch my child go off to a scary surgery. I haven't had to bury a child or husband. I haven't had to deal with a chronic, long term illness. We really have led a charmed life. I do feel grateful and lucky for all I have.

This morning I did the usual carpool run. The boy I drive to school made a hover craft for his science project. It was was a large piece of plywood (apprx. 4'x3') with a blower attached. I was able to drive it, his 3'x3' science board, extension cord, chair, and the kids to school (boy, I love driving a bus, it's so handy sometimes!). Helped E get get his stuff set up, and then went to get K's bass violin to take home for the weekend.

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