Monday, January 18, 2010

Princess Style and Monster Truck Shoes

When I was a small child, I was OBSESSED with princesses. I would have completely freaked out if I lived in the current climate of Disney Princess marketing. I even begged and begged and begged my mother to change my name to "Princess". She told me that she was sure I would grow up and not want that to be my name, but I was equally sure I would NOT change my mind. My mother proved to be right on this one.

One of the things borne from this time was the "princess" hair style. This sounds much fancier and more elaborate than it actually is. It's basically where you take the top third or so of the hair on your head and tie it back with a barrette or elastic. I've been calling it the princess style for so long I have no idea what other people would even call it.

A week or so, I caught myself doing something similar with Z. He recently watched a monster truck competition on tv with his daddy and was a huge and instant fan. He has a normal, unassuming pair of loafers that haven't been getting much wear lately because he doesn't want to wear them. However, I have started to call them his "monster truck shoes", and now he almost always wants to wear them. Funny how that works, eh?

Don't these just scream "Monster Truck"?

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