Thursday, February 4, 2010

What's wrong with this picture?

Or, to be more precise, what is MISSING from this picture?

I took the older kids to the dentist last week. Dr B said that they both had cavities. M's was on a baby tooth that is going to fall out soon, so he didn't feel that it was worthwhile to fill it. I'm kind of glad he got that cavity- M's been so, so good about brushing and flossing since this appointment. I was kind of sad about K's cavity because it was on a permanent tooth, which would mean her first permanent cavity. I was confused though, because it was on the top of the tooth, and it had a sealant. I had no idea how she managed to get a cavity on a sealed tooth.

I asked Dr. B how this was possible, and he admitted it was a really unusual cavity, it was on a peak (?) of the tooth instead of in the deep cracks. He showed me the tooth, and I immediately knew what had happened. Back in 4th grade, a 6th grade boy punched K in the mouth. In doing so, he actually BROKE the tip off of that molar. I'd taken her to the dentist, and he tried to build it back up, but the addition had fallen off, and decay had gotten in there. I'm angry all over again about that kid punching her. He wasn't even suspended for it, even though I ranted and raved to the principal.

The other issue I brought up on Tuesday was the fact that K hadn't lost her lateral incisors yet. Those are the teeth between the front teeth and the canines. K was getting concerned because they weren't even loose, and M had lost his months ago, and had the new teeth growing in. I asked Dr. B to double check things were ok with them.

He comes back a minute later, looking concerned. His records had indicated that those teeth WERE the permanent teeth. Uh oh. We did a panoramic picture, which I have posted above. As you can see, those lateral incisors are TOTALLY missing from her mouth. Because they're not there, all of the teeth behind where they ought to be are shifted. I am not an orthodontist, but even I can tell that her braces cost just went waaaay up. Plus, we'll have to invest in getting false teeth implanted for her. Yay.

All I can say is that I am sick and tired of runaway/missing lateral incisors.

Oh, and if you know a great orthodontist in my area, I'd love to hear about him/her.

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Charlie said...

I just stumbled across your blog, and I have to tell you how relieved I am! My daughter is missing those same teeth, and I am currently fighting with my dentist about wanting to put implants in. He just wants to reshaper her canines when she gets older. I think so much of our self-esteem is tied into our mouths. I want her to feel good about herself in everyway imaginable. After seeing your post I think I am going to put my foot down and insist on the implants.

Thank you!