Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chick Fil A Takes Reservations?!


Today we spent the day away, J and M ATV riding with our dads and brother in law, and me and the other kids with my mom, grandma, and sister. We finally met up again at my parents' house, where everyone decided they were starving. We decided to attempt eating out because it was already almost 8, and we were almost an hour from home. We immediately nixed a sit-down restaurant because J and M had mud on them, and the Saturday before Valentines' day is bound to be a NIGHTMARE.

We ended up at the Chick Fil A in West Jordan at Jordan Landing. It was chosen because I LOVE that place, and it has a playground, so we figured the kids could play while we visited.

We walk in the door, and are a bit surprised to see a hostess podium. There's a girl standing behind it asking if we have reservations. Huh? J and I exchange a confused look, and she quickly assures us that they can fit us right in. They move tables so that the six of us can sit at one table.

A quick glance of the dining room tells us this is an unusual night at Chick Fil A. While I think it is one of the higher class fast food restaurants, I've never seen one with cloth tableclothes, a chocolate fountain, candy hearts and chocolates on the tables. I have seen fresh flowers in vases more than once, so that part wasn't surprising.

We sit down, and the kids immediately start scarfing down conversation hearts. One of the employees comes over, and asks for our drink orders. She gets our drinks, and then comes back to take our food orders.She then brings out the food to our table, just like a fine dining restaurant. She also brings all garnishments, such as ketchup, dipping sauce, etc. We haven't paid yet, again, just like a fancy restaurant.

Our meals are also presented in a fine dining way. Here is my 8 piece chicken nugget meal:

When we are just about done eating, she brings out 9 or so large, beautiful strawberries, and invites us to go dip them in chocolate from the chocolate fountain.
She brings our check, and the total is the same as it normally would be. SCORE!! At the end of the night, each of the kids who wanted one got a balloon, and I was given a small box of chocolates.
I thought it was such a cute idea! What a fun way to make Valentines' special. The store operator (is that like the general manager? Or maybe the franchise owner? I dunno) actually came to each table to check on everyone and make sure they were doing ok. The manager did the same thing.

I can say that hands down, this was the best fast food dining experience I ever have had. I think what made it even funner is that we had no idea they had planned this (I saw signs on the door on our way in and out), so it was all a really great surprise.

This is a fairly new location, but I think with fun ideas like this, they will be wildly successful. I certainly wish them a lot of success. It was a very fun evening.

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Denise Houser said...

What fun, Wendy! Wonder if it was just that location, or if all Chik Fil A's did that?