Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Dentist. Again.

I know, I should start having mail sent to the dentist's office, I've spent so much time there.

Today was a routine checkup for S, Z, and me.

S was called back first, and she was excited to be there. I'd been nervous that she'd be afraid, given her accident. However, she was sad she didn't get a turn when K & M had their checkups a couple weeks ago, so I figured she was over the trauma. Sure enough, she was excited to be there, and did really well.
We've been talking to Z about going to the dentist for about three weeks now. When K & M had their appointments, we let him see them sitting in the chair. He was initially a bit nervous, and wanted to hold my hand to walk back there. He was willing to sit in the chair alone, though he looked very concerned.Yes, that is a Santa hat. He loves it. He walked into the office wearing it saying, "Ho, Ho, Ho!!"

The hygienist was very sweet with him (all of Dr. Bronson's hygienists are), and showed him all of the tools and how they worked, and he quickly calmed down.
He then got his headphones on, and settled in to watch "Cars" while they cleaned his teeth. He was a total pro. He and S had to come show me their little goody bag of fabulous prizes. They were so excited!

Sorry, but there was NO WAY I was going to get a photo of myself getting my teeth cleaned. Well, if you offered me lots and lots of money, maybe. But so far, no offers.

Even more exciting, in a totally boring way, was how uneventful the visit was. No cavities on any of us. No missing teeth. No teeth to be pulled. No unexpected news. Well, Z has his bottom two year old molars that have just erupted. So, they figure the top two will come through soon. That's my boy! Getting teeth late! I had no idea, and he hadn't complained about his mouth hurting. What a tough boy!

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