Thursday, February 25, 2010

Potty Training Arsenal

So Z turns 3 in April. That seems about the right time to potty train him. K was just barely over 2, M was a week or so shy of his 3rd birthday, and S was about a month over her 3rd birthday. Since I am starting to see light at the end of the diaper tunnel, I'm getting a bit anxious.

Below, you can see the potty training arsenal. In addition to that stuff, I also have a Bear in the Big Blue House dvd, as well as a darling book entitled "Zack's Potty". I just forgot to include them in the shot. We've been watching the movie and reading the book frequently. We also have been talking about the potty a lot. I bought Z some big boy underpants a couple months ago, which he thought was hysterically funny. This week, I started to get serious. I bought him that super cool awesome spiderman toy. He got to hold it and play with it in the store and car (note the battered appearance), but now it just sits on a shelf and taunts him. Once he's wearing his big boy underpants all the time and not having accidents, he'll get to open it up and play with it.

For the more immediate bribe/reward, I have the jelly bellies. I've promised him a jelly belly each time he goes potty. To show him that I'm serious, I've been giving jelly bellies to each person in the family who goes potty. Needless to say, the older children are thrilled that they're suddenly getting treats for using the restroom again. They think potty training Z is great!!

Still, nothing has gone in the potty from Z. He DID want to sit on the potty tonight, so I have high hopes that soon I will be diaper free. I certainly hope so. I bought a new box of diapers for Z tonight and they cost $41. The wipes we bought a week ago were $18. Yikes.

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