Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Swimming is good for the sinuses

I signed S up for swimming lessons through the local rec center.

Yesterday was her first day. Prior to actually beginning the lessons, they had all the kids in a big group, and explained water safety rules. There was the usual "no running, no gum, no food, swim diapers on kids who aren't potty trained" spiel. Then, she went over illness and when to keep kids home. A fever, vomiting and diarrhea all rated to skip lessons. She said that a slight cold and runny nose was ok. In fact, she thought swimming was really great for people with colds because it cleared out the sinuses. At this point, I was trying to tune her out because I was getting a vivid mental picture of WHY a kid's sinuses would be cleared out by swimming in a public pool. As my mind wandered, it made me think of all the gunk that was in a pool. It made me happy for pool chemicals.

At this point, she's talking about how her colds never last very long because as soon as she feels a cold coming on, she starts swimming extra.


I need mind bleach so that I don't have to think of the gallons and gallons of snot that must be floating around that pool.

My friend K was there too, and we exchanged glances through this. I see an inside joke in the making here.

As a bragging side note, S can float her back really well, for at least 5-10 seconds if her teacher gets her into position first.

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