Sunday, March 8, 2009

Eye Infection

On Friday, I became a vampire. Or, at least that's how I felt. The morning went fine. Then, as I was driving home from taking the preschoolers to school, the brightness of the outdoors was really overwhelming. Considering it was a very overcast day, this was a bit alarming.

I got home and took out my contacts, noting my right eye looked really red. An hour later, it was time to pick up the big kids from school. The sun was excruciatingly painful, and I was really hoping the kids didn't have garlic or cross crafty projects.

Yesterday, my right eye was bright red and there was a weird spot on my iris. I decided to get to the doctor and get going on antibiotics, because I had no memory of getting infected by a vampire, and none of the vampire books I read mentioned red eyes with spots.

I went to the Urgent Care in Layton. They were covered by my insurance, and are a new clinic in the area. I have to say I was really impressed. They had gorgeous living trees and plants in the waiting area, up to date magazines, a HUGE salt water aquarium, and it was nicely decorated. I was in and out of the clinic in less than 45 minutes. What impressed me about them was they had an option for the uninsured. For a flat fee of $60, they would see you and take care of you to the best of THEIR ability. So, for example, if you had a child break their arm, they would do xrays and cast all for that $60. However, if it was a bad break that required the xrays to be seen by a specialist, or setting under general anesthesia, they'd have to send you out, and it would get a lot more expensive.

So, Dr. Warrington (I think that was his name) looked at my eyes, and agreed that I had an infection. He had some eye ointment on site, so he gave me a tube of that and sent me on my way.

Now, I feel like a cat with goopy ointmenty eyes. But, I am no longer afraid of the sun.

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Jim said...

You do sparkle.