Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The "New" grown up Dora

Mattel announced a while back that they were going to be releasing a new image and toy line for Dora the Explorer. The look of the doll was to be released this fall, with toys following in October.

Most people were outraged. The silhouette made people think she was going to be Bratz-esque. I have to admit I hate the skankiness of Bratz. Matt
el insisted that the older Dora is still clean cut and wholesome, not whoresome. I was pretty sure I believed them.

I guess the outrage was so profound that Mattel ended up releasing a cartoon image of the doll Monday.

I have to admit I love the look of the older Dora. I think is so cute! She's hip without being skanky. I hope that people calm down. I have marketing concerns about the idea. I think people associate Dora with a smaller child toy. If I was in marketing, I would've given Alicia (Diego's sister) a makeover, and spun her off, or come up with a different cousin of Dora's. But I love how that cartoon looks. I shall cross my fingers that S will be into dolls enough that we can have one in the house.

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Kristin said...

ooh..I kinda like the new Dora too..and I'm with you about the Bratz stuff. Hate it.