Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stupid Eye Infection

My eye infection is back. UGH!

It cleared up within a couple days of starting antibiotics and seemed fine. About 10 days later, I decided to wear makeup to look pretty for my friend Cindy. Well, I guess I was being punished for being vain. Or my eye makeup is contaminated. Either way, within a few hours of putting on makeup, my eye started hurting again.

By the next day, it looked like this:

You'll notice on the left hand side, ther's a weird white spot on the corner of my iris. That is part of the infection; it isn't there normally.

I am slooooooooowly responding to antibiotics now, but it's driving me crazy. I hate wearing glasses. If I'm not better by tomorrow, I may go see an ophthalmologist and see if there's more they can do.

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Chardell said...

That's so miserable! I hope it's better soon. What a great excuse to get new make-up though!