Thursday, March 19, 2009

Show and Tell

Yesterday was show and tell day for S at preschool.

She was so excited for show and tell, and talked about it alllll morning. It came time to get ready for school and she ran off to get the item she was so excited to show. Here's what she was sooooooo excited to bring:

Ooookaaaaaay. Well. She told me that Heavenly Father is on the book. For the record, I heart carbs. I truly love them. We are not an Atkins worshiping home.

I really wish I could've seen the teachers' faces when she did her show and tell. I giggle every time I think about the Carb Book being a prized posession, worthy of show and tell.


Melissa said...

That's funny! I never would have guessed that that would be a show and tell item... :)

Kristen said...

That is hillarious, your little one is so cute. I bet the teacher giggled like you did.