Sunday, March 29, 2009


When Buddy, my IL's dog died, I wanted to post a photo of him. After poring through my photos, I realized I didn't have a single picture of him. I felt badly about that; I really did love that dog.

I decided I would go out of my way to take pictures of the pets in my loved ones' lives. Here's the ones I have so far.

This is G. G used to be my cat, but he and my husband did not ge
t along, and K, M, and I all developed severe (think asthma) allergies to him. We would've kept him anyway, but my sister wanted a cat, so we let her take him. I think he is much happier with her than he was with us- he decided he hated kids.

This is Sammy. He is my new puppy brother. My parents bought him last summer, he was born on the 4th of July. He is still a rambunctious puppy, even though he is huge.

This is Rufus, my inlaws' other dog. He is a humane society dog that my mother in law brought home about 13 year ago. He is always so sweet with the kids, and has always considered himself a lap dog. He is getting really old now, and has a trouble moving around and I think he's as deaf as a post.

Lastly, for now, we have Koda. He is my SIL & BIL's dog. I know he looks like a big, scary wolf (he's at least 150 lbs), but he is seriously one of the friendliest dogs ever. He is absolutely gorgeous. He has a doggie brother, McDuff, but I can't find a picture of him just now.

We are a family of animal lovers, so there's quite a few pets missing here, but I will eventually get photos and post them all.

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