Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm converted

For the longest time, my whole family tried to convince me that we should get a dvd player in our car. I resisted. And resisted.

Still resisted, but ended up getting a car that had a dvd player. Wow. That's nice. My kids don't fight any more (well, they fight about what to watch, but I digress...). I usually do not put on a movie unless we're driving at least 45 minutes, or if I'm driving the preschool carpool (I want to be the cool mom).

It really saved our sanity yesterday though.

At the last minute, we got a phone call asking Kysa and I to do girl scout cookie booth yesterday. If she was to get the cookie booth patch, she would HAVE to come (we were scheduled for today, but it was canceled due to unusually brisk sales). J already had plans to go ride ATVs with our dads, so he couldn't watch the kids. The cookie booth was on a really busy road (Riverdale Rd for you locals), so there was no way I was letting my babies out of the car. My kids got in the car at 9:50am. At noon, we left cookie booth and drove to Salt Lake to go to lunch with my mom, grandma and sister. We arrived in Salt Lake at 1:30. That's 3.5 hours. They were absolutely wonderful for that time.

We had a nice lunch. At 4pm, I piled my kids into the car to go to the ILs house. At that moment, people showed up to look at my grandma's car. I told my grandma I would talk to the prospective car buyers. They kept coming and coming. I didn't leave until 5pm. Again, the kids were wonderful.

Then we had to go deliver a box of girl scout cookies and drive home. That was another 70 minutes.

All four children are still alive and love each other. I'm sure the only reason for that is because of the dvd player.

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