Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a flaw in the plan

So, when I bought chickens, I decided to start saving my egg cartons so I could use them to store my eggs. I also figured we'd probably get more eggs than we needed, and I could use these extra cartons to sell the extras.

I normally buy the "large" size eggs at the grocery store.

Here's a picture of 11 "large" eggs, along with one of Lucy's eggs.
I'm not sure if the angle is right, but try and compare Lucy's egg with the one next to it. Yep. There's a size difference.
The carton won't even CLOSE with one of Lucy's eggs in it. Not sure how much of a bigger wreck it would be if the entire dozen was that big.

I have to admit I hadn't even thought about that when I started hoarding egg cartons. Oops.

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