Monday, September 27, 2010

Some people just CAN'T say no!

K's school's parent teacher conferences are Wednesday. The PTA tries to provide dinner for the teachers on those nights.

So today, I get a phone call from the PTA, asking if I'd be willing to bring in a crockpot of soup Wednesday afternoon. I said that would be fine, and volunteered to bring in a tortilla soup.

About 10 minutes later, the lady calls me back.

Her: "Um, you DO have a student who attends XX Jr High, right?"

Me (sounding very confused): "Yes"

Her: "Oh, good. See, I'm also in the PTA for YYY Elementary, and somehow I got my volunteer lists mixed up. I was most of the way through the list making food assignments. One lady was really nice and said she'd bring an item, and then said it was really weird she was being called because she didn't even have a kid attending XX Jr High."


Her: "So, I wanted to call all the volunteers and make sure they're all parents of students at XX Jr High"

Me: (still not able to talk I'm laughing so hard)

Some people really are incapable of saying no, aren't they?

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