Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The amazing harvest of oddly colored vegetables continues...

We harvested our carrots this week! We bought Burpee's Organic Kaleidoscope Carrot seeds. I did not follow many of the directions. I made two rows about 3 feet long each, and then divided and dumped the seeds in each row. I've never been able to thin plants like the instructions say, so I didn't thin them at all.
Here's our harvest after pulling them out of the ground:

And, after cutting the tops off and scrubbing them a bit:
Isn't that just amazing? They taste just like the regular carrots. A couple of interesting notes: The purple on the carrots is just on the surface. Once you take the skin off, they just look like a slightly darker orange color.
The white carrots have a stronger flavor than average carrots, but still are very tasty.


Charlie said...

Looks AMAZING! I am missing my vegetable garden this year having moved at the beginning of the summer, so I am living vicariously through yours!

Kristen said...

You need to remind me what you planted this next spring so I can copy you. My boys would love this!