Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So one of the problems with K's school schedule was her math class. A few months ago, they let us know that any 7th grader who wanted to take Algebra (as opposed to pre-algebra) had to take a certain placement test. K took the test, and felt good about how she did. Results never came in the mail, as promised. However, I was able to check her results online, and her score was surprisingly low. I was torn on what to do- push her into Algebra, and risk her falling behind, or let her go into pre-a. Well, the school ended up saying that they would NOT let her do Algebra with that score, and Pre-A it was.

However, there was some drama, and apparently one of the counselors who had been in charge of the whole pretest had quit a few months ago, and taken records with her (Oh, so THAT'S why we never got test scores). Therefore, almost everyone was put in Pre-A. So, they spent the first few days of school doing more tests to determine placement. They also added a 7th grade math for those who found Pre-A too challenging.

Today, during 8th period (study hall), K was called to talk to the counselors. She was informed that she was being moved up to algebra. Ha! I knew she was smart enough for it.

This afternoon, I got a weird automated phone call from the district. They said K's name (pronounced it wrong), and then hung up. I got home and found an email telling me that K missed one or more classes today, and that I had to "clear" the absences within two days. Turns out they changed her schedule last night or this morning, but didn't bother telling her, so she accidentally sluffed two classes because she was following her former schedule.

I'll be calling the school tomorrow, and hopefully, I'll be able to keep the snide remarks in my head.

Oh, and update on the bass: They are having K rent a second bass, and she's sharing it with another student (they have orchestra different class periods), so they're also sharing the cost, and getting a discount since it will stay at school. Cost on the second bass came to $44.50, which is a pretty good deal- cheaper than driving her bass to/from school a couple times a week all year long.

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