Sunday, August 1, 2010

My deal breakers

When you have small children, there are constant playdates and family parties. When you're in a family with 14 grandchildren, odds are very slim that every single person will be healthy at every single get together. There's some things that I will let slide, and some things that I don't want my kids exposed to. Here's my personal trifecta of things I will cancel a get together over:

1- Lice. It's in the number one position for a reason. I am so grossed out by them. I know nearly every child gets them at some point or another in their life, and that lice are attracted to clean hair, so it's not a cleanliness issue. I can't help it. I hate them. I have sat here scratching my head and cringing as I even type this out. When I was 12, one of my BFFs (best friends forever) had a huge slumber party. We had a wonderful time doing each other's hair, makeup, and rolling around on all the bedding that was set up. As it turned out, one of the girls had head lice. Every single one of us (and there was 14 or so girls there) got it, and it turned into a massive epidemic at our elementary school.

2- Pink eye. My kids have brought pink eye home from school with them a couple times, and it's a miserable thing to have. Unfortunately, they've also passed it on to me, and then I don't get to wear contacts til it's cleared up. Given all of my eye issues, it's just something I don't want running through our family.

3- Vomiting. Vomit is smelly, and it's messy. You know what's even worse than vomit? Vomit in the car. Know what's even worse than that? Vomit when the child has had a lot of dairy, and it's had a little time in the stomach.

Today we are supposed to have a big family party with J's side of the family to celebrate K's and a niece's birthdays. Z had a pooping accident this morning, but since he's not quite got the hang of pooping in the potty, we chalked it up to that. We decided to go for a hike this morning, and halfway to the trailhead, Z threw up all over. He had had cereal with lots of milk for breakfast. Yay. We turned around, and J dropped Z and I off at home so that I could clean up the mess and baby him while everyone else worshiped at the Cathedral of the Mountains. I think I am going to cancel the family party tonight. I feel bad because my SIL made a ton of cupcakes. I am going to take a vote, and maybe they'll vote to have it, but keep Z inside watching a kid show. He's got sick eyes and wants to just lay around, so I don't think he'd fight it. Poor kid.

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