Monday, August 16, 2010

That feels MUCH better

I've been wanting to cut my hair for a couple months. I've had trouble finding time (see previous blog post about my part time summer job). Plus, the kids and I went to this Harry Potter party a couple weeks ago, and I was going to play Professor Trelawney. I thought it would be cool if my hair was still long, and I curled it up all crazy with hot sticks. I remember hot sticks from high school doing scarily frizzy things with my hair. Even though I ALSO remember my hair never taking a curl, I figured the hot sticks were able to counteract that.

Unfortunately, it turns out my hair was more stubborn than the hot sticks. So, I put off cutting my hair for the party, and then my hair was stick straight within 30 minutes of the party starting. -sigh-

I finally got around to cutting my hair today and it feels soooooo much better.

Almost 14" inches this time, and I'm guessing that Locks of Love will be happy to receive it, unless someone has a better idea of what to do with this hair?

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Kristen said...

So where is the picture of your haircut on you? I really want to see it!!!