Thursday, August 26, 2010

misc. ramblings

Z had his preschool orientation yesterday. It looks like he'll have the same lineup of teachers that S had last year. I love that preschool, and am excited for him to attend. I also decided to join a neighborhood preschool group. It's only once a week for two hours a day. There's a total of eleven moms participating, but we've divided into two groups. So, Z's group has six kids. I'll only have to teach five times the entire school year. That's sad in a way, because I love kids that age, but quite frankly, the last thing I need is even more stuff to do, so it's for my own good. I think it'll be a good way for him to get to know the kids in the neighborhood.

S had her kindergarten testing on Monday. The teacher who did the testing seemed pretty amused by her, and commented that she was one of the only kids she'd tested who could identify a hexagon. Class lists/times were posted today, and she is in AM Kindergarten! Yay! I noticed that the morning classes have 24/25 kids, and the PM kindergarten classes have 18-19 kids. Just shows how much more popular AM is. She officially starts tomorrow, though we parents are supposed to come along. S is so excited she can hardly see straight. The interesting thing about her class is it's a job share situation. I don't know the nuts and bolts yet (I figure I'll find out tomorrow), but I do know that she has two teachers. Should be different.

A boy who was in first grade with M has started spectrum. His mom has joined with us in a CARPOOL! I don't have to pick up the boys at the spectrum elementary anymore! Yahoo! A seems to be a very nice boy, and he and M have really clicked since being back in the same class. M is really happy to be back in school, and is really liking his teacher this year.

K has taken to junior high like a fish to water. She seems to really enjoy her classes, particularly orchestra and spanish. She still hasn't forgiven me for making her take PE instead of Art, as her coursework requires. She knows at least one or two kids in every class, and it sounds like her former spectrum class is still pretty tight in school. I hope that she does open up her circle of friends and get to know some more kids. We set up another carpool (yippee!!) with some of her former classmates, so I take them TO school twice a week. It's wonderful. I love carpools.

Since I've sat here and fretted about how high my heart rate seems to go when exercising, I finally made an appointment with a cardiologist. He did an echocardiogram last week, I do a stress test tomorrow, and he's having me wear a heart monitor. It's kind of an interesting thing- I have three electrode things hooked to my chest, and they plug into this monitor thing that I can wear around my neck or in my pocket. It transmits data to another monitor, that looks like a cell phone from 15 years ago, except that it has a touch screen. It wirelessly transmits every heartbeat to a company, who then runs reports for my doctor. I'm able to report "incidents" or symptoms. I have to say that I hate wearing this thing. It's such a pain to have all these wires hooked up to me, and I have to wear super baggy shirts to hide it. I get to wear it for two weeks though, so hopefully I adjust soon.

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