Friday, August 20, 2010

School Frustration

I have been fairly tense and stressed out with the beginning of the school year looming. Because I'm trying to give my kids the best education they can get, my older two do not go to the neighborhood schools. The way it's shaping up now, all four of my kids will be attending four different schools this year.

K is starting 7th grade, and will be going into the IB Middle Years Program, at a school about 5 miles away. I've got a carpool almost fully formed with her, so transportation won't be too big of a deal. They messed up her schedule however, and we have to go meet with the counselor today to fix it. I paid almost $200 in school fees for her, $95 of which is to rent a bass violin. I was under the impression the rented bass would be kept at home, and that the school had a couple of school instruments that would be available for students' use during class. Seems reasonable, no? Apparently, that's not how it works. Unless I want to haul the bass to and from school every day (not feasible with the carpool), I have to rent a SECOND bass to keep at school. I was practically in tears when the orchestra teacher told me that. It seems utterly ridiculous to me to expect that. Her school also will not allow students to use backpacks in school, or let them wear coats.

My second frustration point is with S. I would prefer to send her to the neighborhood school. However, because I'll have four kids at four schools, I can't have her be in afternoon kindergarten because three of the kids would get out within 10 minutes of each other, and be scattered at least 3 miles apart in three different directions. I can handle that with two kids, but not three. The neighborhood school refuses to promise me a spot in morning kindergarten. I did get the impression that if a parent has a valid reason for having a strong preference, they'll most likely get their request. I still worry.

I'm just hoping it all works out. Hopefully by the end of next week, the kinks will be smoothed out and it'll be ok.

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