Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quick Thinking Daughter

The other day, after I'd left for work, K decided she wanted to make brownies. She called and got permission from J to make the brownies. She got the mix out, and realized that she didn't have enough vegetable oil for the brownies.

She's watched me experiment quite a bit in the kitchen, trying to make baked goods that are healthier, free of allergens, etc. She had seen me substitute applesauce for both eggs and oil. We didn't have any on hand, and thought for a moment.

She ended up using yogurt instead of oil. The brownies tasted slightly different, but not significantly. I was really impressed that she was so quick thinking and made it work. I'm guessing it saved quite a few calories and fat to use yogurt.

She could've called her dad and asked him to pick up oil on the way home, but she instead chose to substitute. I'm so proud!

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Unknown said...

What a smart cookie! Sounds yummy actually I might have to try it out.