Thursday, July 1, 2010

Unfairly Tried!

Yesterday I went to Salt Lake to take S to her much anticipated sleepover. I haven't had internet for a few days, so I've been going through major withdrawals. I got a phone call from my mom telling my that my cousin's viewing was yesterday evening, in case I wanted to go. This cousin had unexpectedly died a couple days ago.

Unfortunately, I was NOT in funeral attire. I decided to stop at Ross to see if I could find something to wear. While waiting in line for the dressing room, Z suddenly says, very loudly, "Mommy!! You farted!!!!"

Of course, at least half a dozen people heard. Not a single one could control it, and they all started laughing out loud.

You know what the worst part was? I really hadn't! But of course, nobody is going to believe that. Little brat!

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