Monday, June 28, 2010


S is ready to lose.her.mind. She has a sleepover planned with her Grandma Sherie this week. They made the plans on Saturday, and S can't stop talking about it. S has gotten it into her head that Grandma Sherie is going to call her very, very early in the morning on Wednesday, before she even wakes up. I hate to say it, but the plan is for her to go later in the day Wednesday.

S packed her bag on Saturday night for the trip. Yesterday, my mom reminded her to make sure and pack a swimming suit, in case they went in the hot tub. She was wild to find her swimming suit last night and pack it, but since we didn't get home til nearly 10pm, I put the kibash on that.

Here's a couple of the conversations that S and I have had today, two full days before said sleepover.

"Mommy, we have to find my swimming suit RIGHT NOW because we won't have time to look for it later. No, NOW, Mommy. I don't care if you are eating breakfast/potty training Z/going to the bathroom/taking a shower. We need to do it NOW"

"Mommy, when Grandma calls in the middle of the night, be nice to her, ok?"

"Mommy, when grandma calls, she'll say 'Is S there?', and then you'll tell me I have a phone call, and then I'll come running to the phone"

Her excitement is so cute. I love to watch her facial expressions as she talks. She's such a funny kid.

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