Sunday, June 6, 2010

RIP Bruce Knapp

On Thursday, we lost J's grandfather. As sad as it was, I think it was for the best. He was such a strong, in control person, and I imagine the last couple years were very difficult for him.

On Monday, J's mother got a call that Bruce had developed pneumonia, and that he was quite ill. The decision was made to not give him antibiotics or otherwise treat him, but instead provide palliative care. J and his sister spent quite a bit of time there on Wednesday, and were there until almost midnight. He got up early Thursday, and went back to the nursing home.

When his grandfather passed, J and both of his brothers were there, as well as my MIL and one of my SILs. J's dad missed the passing, but only by a couple minutes. It seems like a peaceful way to go, surrounded by loved ones.

I think we'll miss him, but he is free now. He is with his wife, and is healthy and young again. I know he lived a long, happy life. He enjoyed his life with his wife, enjoyed his children and grandchildren, and enjoyed the time he spent with Gina, his girlfriend.

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