Sunday, July 11, 2010

Addition to our flock

Now that the roosters are gone, I felt free to go buy one more hen. We haven't quite decided on a name, but Betty and Lucy are right up there.
For those who care, she is a Black Copper Marans. For those who REALLY care, she comes from Wade Jean and Bev Davis lines. I know that currently Bev Davis has a TWO YEAR PLUS wait for her fertilized eggs. Black Copper Marans lay a chocolate brown egg. Betty/Lucy did not lay an egg for me this morning, but after the trauma of being moved, I didn't expect it.

She is a full grown hen, just over a year old. Even though I could have gotten some chicks and raised them in the smaller chicken tractor, I just didn't have the energy, so I opted to get a full grown hen. She seems to be acclimating well with the other girls.

Clover is still around, but she didn't feel like getting her photo taken with everyone else.

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