Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Z funny

This morning, Z woke up. I brought him into bed with us, and we were cuddling with him a little. Since his two year check is coming up in 3 months, I'm starting to help him "study" (ha ha!) so that I can say he knows certain body parts, can name certain people, etc. I really am not at all concerned about it, I am sure he's as brilliant as my other kids, but it's fun to teach and quiz them.

So this morning, I ask Z where his head is. He repeats back "Head?" and starts looking around, as if to locate it. He hurriedly slides off the bed, and runs from the room. J and I exchange a look and start laughing about how Z had lost his head.

Z comes back in a couple minutes with a ball cap on. He points to it proudly and says, "Hat. Head."

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