Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Update and even a fancy poll!

Yes, I do seem to have no life. LOL

So, after getting the "friend's" response that she did not remember me, I removed her as a friend. Called a mutual friend and that friend confirmed it was weird she claimed friend didn't remember me.

This morning, I get online, and "friend" has sent a friend invite. No note beyond the "so sorry, don't remember you; perhaps you have the wrong person" note.

So, here's the super fancy poll (if I get the coding right):


ReneeLynn03 said...

OMGosh so its like she is rubbing it in some more. Weird!

Alison said...

I voted no....had she sent a note saying that she does in fact remember you, and an apology for being so flaky, mabye I would vote yes.