Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Funny Flashback

When we were expecting K, we had our ultrasound done 11 years ago next month. They gave us a vhs tape of the ultrasound.

Lucky for us, we were DYING to know the gender of our baby. If we had wanted to be surprised, well, we wouldn't have been after watching the tape.

Last night, I got remembering the whole thing and laughing about it. I used the "video" function on my digital camera and taped the first 25 seconds of our ultrasound. The tape starts with the tech orienting herself with where the baby is positioned. There is sound on the video, which is really where the funny part is.

We didn't hear her muttering to herself because she said it so quietly, and her face was right by the microphone. But you sure hear it on the tape!

So. Watch, listen and laugh with me.

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