Thursday, January 15, 2009


Over the weekend, M slept over at my parents' house. With my permission, they watched "Jaws". They were going to go in the hot tub in the dark afterwards, but ran out of time, and did the hot tubbing the next morning.

M has always seemed so fearless that I thought Jaws wouldn't faze him. I thought wrong. It seriously, seriously freaked him out. He had a terrible time going to sleep that night, and my mom allowed him to read, to get his mind off of th
e movie. He ended up staying up most of the night reading. The next day, he talked about the movie a lot. He had almost as much trouble sleeping the following night, but because I'm not the nice grandma, I made him lay in his bed with only the lava lamp for light.

In a typical future engineer fashion, he has worked through his fear and terror by recreating a scene from the movie with his legos:

Now, he's told me he wants to watch Jaws 2. I don't think he's ready for Jaws 2.

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Mine & Beth's Creations said...

I remember my first time watching Jaws, I was scared out of my mind! M's leggo recreation is awesome!