Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Minivan


Crap crap crap.

My husband and children have been after me for YEARS to give up my SUV for a minivan. I have made one excuse or another for a long time. I have it in my head that minivans are the ultimate in uncool. I have loved being an SUV mom. It doesn't help that my "cool" friends who used to drive minivans are now driving SUVs. I do have a couple girlfriends who I consider to be cool who drive one, but the majority drive SUVs.

I know that it's stupid to think that my car represents me. And I *AM* a mother to four children. Seriously. It's extremely irrational. I recognize this. Considering I am normally a rational person, I think I'm allowed one area to be irrational. Unfortunately, I think rationality is winning over. I finally told my husband that if we could sell the MDX for what we owe, we could buy a minivan IF: It was in a cool color, it came with cool features (like dvd player, etc), it was newer, had leather, and seated 8. Now, I will admit this was a dirty trick. The Sienna, the minivan I prefer, does NOT come with leather in the 8 passenger configuration. I remembered this because my friend Kirsten and I looked for MONTHS for one, with no luck.

I felt secure in this.

Then. Today, we had TWO people offer us full asking price on the MDX. AND, I found a Sienna in an almost cool color (I wanted black or some other dark color, and this one is in a silvery blue), and it seats 8 with leather. They must've retrofitted the car with it.

I am soon to be a frumpy, chubby, thirtysomething minivan mom of four.


Kristin said...

join the club. i bet you will secretly love it. don't don't have to admit it!

Chardell said...

Welcome!!! "We" knew you'd join "us" one day. :)