Saturday, August 16, 2008

Surprise Date

My mom called me a couple days ago, wanting to come up and buy $1 box cookies from the Lofthouse Outlet. Always happy to see her and get cookies, I agreed.

When we got home from the cookies, J announced that we were leaving, and my mom was babysitting so we could go on a date. A real live date! Without kids! Doing non-kid related things! Apparently, he had talked to her several days ago and got the whole thing planned out. He wanted to surprise me. (everybody together: "Awwwwwwww")

So we took off to iFly. iFly is basically an indoor skydiving place. All the fun of skydiving, none of the training or risk. Wheee!!! This is a video of one of their employees playing in the wind tunnel. I was too cheap/vain to pay $15 for a dvd. We are considering doing this again as a family activity, and I'll definitely buy a dvd then.

It was an absolute blast. I now want to do it frequently. I did not look as impressive as the guy in the video, but I sure do want to learn how to do that.

After iFly, we went to dinner at GoodWood BBQ, and had a nice dinner.

We came home to find the kids fed, dishes done, and everyone playing downstairs. It was a really fun evening.

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ReneeLynn03 said...

Oooo congrats! Glad you guys got to do something alone. I know you don't get the opportunity very often. What a cool date too! :)