Monday, August 18, 2008

Boy + Stick = Emergency Room

Does this really come as any surprise? I have to admit I'm not. Although M is a pretty cautious boy, when a boy starts playing with sticks, good things are not bound to happen.

This evening, we were all in the back yard playing. M has some kind of project going with sticks. I'm not exactly clear what, but I do know it's involved a small saw and his pocket knife. He was trying to snap a stick in half, when suddenly he shrieked and came running toward me with a hand covering his eye. I was moderately concerned because he sounded more upset than he usually is when hurt.

He gets to me, and I ask him to show me. I see nothing but blood covering the entire right side of his face. Hmmm, this isn't good. On the positive side, it's definitely not the eyeball itself. Thank goodness!

We go inside and I clean him up a bit. I realize that he's cut himself both above and below his eyeball. I suspect it was a near miss for that beautiful blue eye. He also was already developing a shiner. He's bleeding pretty badly, as face wounds are wont to do, and the cuts while small, are very, very deep.

I took him to the IHC Layton Kids' Care Clinic, my favorite place for all after hours accidents. They got us in right away. The nurse immediately set to numbing up the two cuts so it wouldn't hurt when they fixed him up.

After waiting 15 minutes for the numbing solution to kick him, they cleaned it up really well, getting some dirt out of the cuts. They then used a fancy super glue to glue the cuts shut. I was told this glue has a special polymer in it to keep it pliable, even after it dries.

I need to keep it dry for about 5 days, and then he should be good as new. Poor kid.



Chardell said...

Scary that he came so close to his eye. I'm glad it turned out okay.

Stacey said...

Owie! I'm glad he didn't hurt his eyeball. :(

Fatcat said...


I hope he's all right now.

Dan did a very similar thing a couple of years ago, but did slash his cornea. It healed up quickly though, thank goodness.