Wednesday, August 6, 2008

So Excited!

We are off!!

My sister is getting married on 08/08/08 (isn't that COOL?!) on a cruise ship. We get to board the ship a little early, and then watch her and Mike get married. Soon after, the ship takes off for Ensenada, Mexico. We will arrive back at LA in 8/11, which is me and J's 13th anniversary, and my parents' 35th anniversary.

This is our first cruise. I think it will be so much fun. We get into LA tomorrow, and will spend the night in a local hotel.

I am very excited about the outfits the kids will be wearing. Z is going to wear a tux to the wedding. I originally bought the tux for M to wear to Jill's wedding. That wedding never happened, and I was always a little sad it didn't get worn. How convenient that she waited until I had another little boy who was just the right size?!

The girls are going to be wearing complementary dresses. M will be wearing a nice suit.

I shall take a lot of pictures of them in their fancy duds, and of the wedding, and of all the fabulous times we shall have.

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Chardell said...

How exciting! Congrats to your sister!