Wednesday, April 2, 2008

april fools jokes

Yesterday morning, Z woke up at 7:30, his usual time. I tried putting him down for several naps, but he'd have nothing to do with it. I tried letting him cry in the crib, tried holding him, tried laying down with him. I even tried driving him in the car. No way!

He finally fell asleep at 9pm last night. An almost one year old should NOT do that!!!

Yesterday, I also baked a chocolate cake, and made chocolate frosting for it. Decorated it with colored sprinkles. When my bear cub scouts arrived, I told them I had made a "special" chocolate cake for them, and they could all have some after we finished our activities. Then, when it came time, I gave them each a big piece. I let them eat about 3/4 of their piece, and then asked if they wanted to know WHY it was special. Of course they did. So I told them I put meal worms in the cake, and then pulled our gecko's meal worms out of the fridge for them to see. They all were yelling ewww (as they continued eating, interestingly enough). A couple minutes later, they asked if I really had. I told them it was an april fools' joke, and put the worms back in the fridge. S started howling and insisted she wanted some on her cake. I wouldn't let her.

Even with the meal worm joke, one of the boys told me I was a much better scout leader than the wolf leaders. I said, "Why, because I give you guys treats?" He replied, "Yes. Except there was that time they had the pool party. That was really neat." I told him I could never compete with a pool party. LOL

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