Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Comforter vs. The Toy

Unfortunately, we've had a bit of a flu bug around here. M started throwing up Monday evening. In the car. Lovely. But, he announced that he caught the vomit in his hands. We were about 2 minutes from home, so I hurried. We get home, and discover that not only did he catch most of it, but he still had it in hand! So, I got him and the car all cleaned up, and put everyone to bed.

I woke up in the middle of the night to discover I had the same thing. I sat around Tuesday feeling very sorry for myself. M and I began to feel better Tuesday afternoon, so we went to pack meeting and dh stayed home with the littles. They began throwing up while I was gone.

Z spent Tuesday night and Wednesday sick. Last night, he woke up about 4am, starving. I put him in bed and nursed him. He soon threw it all back up again. Ugh. However, he hasn't thrown up since, so I'm thinking he's starting to get better. I sure hope so.

Last night though, I was starting to lose my patience. I just wanted a few minutes of not touching anyone. Not talking to anyone. Well, Z would have nothing to do with that. DH tried to keep him happy, but he just kept crying and wanting his mommy. Dh said that I was the comforter, and dh is the toy. If our kids are sick or hurt, they always, always want me. If they're looking for fun, they usually go to dh.

I guess parents really do have roles in the family. I don't know that it's a gender based thing. But I do know that our kids definitely know who they want for different things.

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