Thursday, April 24, 2008

Been Tagged!

My sister in law has tagged me, so I guess I better answer some questions.
Four Jobs I have held
1- Taco folder at Taco Bell
2- Gymnastics Coach
3- Realtor
4- Art Model (I know, hard to believe!)
Four movies I could watch over and over again
1 - The Princess Bride
2- Drop Dead Gorgeous
3- Idiocracy
4- Animal Alphabet (well, I wouldn't CHOOSE to, but I have been, thanks to S, and it hasn't killed me yet)
Four places I have lived.
1- West Jordan, UT
2- Ephraim, UT
3- Tsukuba City, Japan
4- Tooele, UT
Four TV show I like
1- Desperate Housewives
2- Lost
3- Biggest Loser
4- Ace of Cakes (or any of the food network challenge shows)
Four people that e-mail me regulary
1. Alison
2. Jim
3. My July1998 friends
4. Chad the stalker
Four favorite foods
1. chocolate
2. cheese
3. fruit
4. dessert
Four places that I'd rather be
1. in a huge, clean, beautiful home
2. hiking in Hawaii
3. in my bed, asleep
4. with friends
Four people I'm tagging
1. Chardell
2. Katie
3. Kirsten
4. Tammy

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