Sunday, April 27, 2008

The advantages to cold weather camping

For some demented reason, we decided to go camping this weekend. We went to the Camperworld resort that is just outside of Kamas, UT. We left friday afternoon. I was a little bit concerned because Z had thrown up that morning, but I was hoping it was a last hurrah, and that we'd be healthy all weekend. S was so excited to go that she couldn't see straight. She kept talking about how she wanted to gather sticks, make a fire, and roast "smashmallows". She almost couldn't sleep Thursday night.

The campground could hold 75 RVs. We were the only ones there. You'd think this would be a hint. Nope. There was also snow on the ground in places. You'd think this would be another hint. Nope. The entire weekend, the warmest I saw the temperature was 46. In general, it hovered between 35-40. At night though, the temperature got down to about 14 f. M started throwing up Friday night, but he managed to get to the garbage can every time, and woke up feeling fine Saturday morning. Z started throwing up this morning, but is acting fine now.

Our trailer manufacturer boasted that they had all kinds of great insulation to make it ok to camp with in extreme temperatures. In general, I'd say they had grounds for the boasting. The first night, we had our water hose hooked up to the RV hookups, and it froze SOLID overnight. The second night, we just filled up the water tank in our trailer, and then put away the water hose. So, our hose didn't freeze up but some pipes under the toilet did freeze, and the toilet didn't flush for a while this morning. Once things warmed up a little bit, it worked fine.

We were going to do tinfoil dinners last night, but the wood we brought wasn't burning very well, so we ended up going to a fast food/shake place for dinner last night. The kids were disappointed (crazy, eh?), so I'm making them in the oven tonight.

I know this probably sounds like a fairly wretched trip, but I have to admit I had a really nice time. It was fun to get out and spend time with the family with no real distractions. The Camperworld park had a pool table, air hockey, ping pong, and toy room, and we spent a lot of time in there playing games together.

I will put some pictures in my photo blog if you are interested in seeing them. The link to that is


Chardell said...

Wow. That's crazy. I'm glad you had fun. It's little trips like that your kids still talk about 30 years later.

Anonymous said...

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