Monday, April 14, 2008

Spectrum Program

Our school district has a full time spectrum program for gifted students, grades 3-6. It is in a regular school, but the class itself is made up of these "gifted" students.

In general, to get in, students are invited to test based on past standardized test scores. If you aren't invited, you can fill out an application. The parents and the child's teacher fills out an assessment sheet that asks about a child's insight, motivation to finish work, persistence, and learning. Then, they give the kids some standardized tests.

They create a new class in 3rd grade, and then fill vacancies for grades 4-6.

K & M were both invited to test this year to get in. I filled out the paperwork, and took them for the standardized test. K was really excited because her best friend, M, was also invited to test. They currently don't go to the same school, so they were so excited about the idea of being in the same class again.

I will admit to being a little worried though, because that put so much pressure on K to do well.

Then, things started getting nail bitingly stressful. The scores started appearing on the secure student page for the school. K's math score appeared to be quite low. Yikes. Then, she found out her best friend at her current school won't be attending there next year. Double yikes. Put that on top of the fact that for 5th grade, she is just filling an opening, and not filling an entire class. There was a good dozen kids testing that day, and I doubt there was very many openings in the class. I've been trying to prepare K for the worst.

Today, I got the official letters from the district. Drumroll please! They BOTH got in!!!! I knew they were both exceptionally brilliant, but I was really excited to have it confirmed.

Unfortunately, M did not get in. I am heartbroken that they won't be going to the same school, and I'm sad that she is in that position.

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