Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Conversations with Z

Conversation with Z today:

Z: Mommy, do you know why motorcycle riders wear black?

Me (sitting back and waiting for an awesome story): No, why?

Z: Because if they wear black, it will hide all the dirt they get on them that they get from driving all over the place.  It protects their skin from the dirt. And when bugs squish on them, it hides that too.

Me: Oh. Interesting. Why do motorcycle guys wear helmets?

Z: Because motorcycles are really loud and it helps keep the sound out. And the bugs from getting in their face.

Me: I thought it was to protect their heads in case they ever tipped over?

Z: No. If they are careful and they ride fast enough, they can't tip over (he then laughs hysterically at the idea of someone tipping over on a motorcycle)


Z: Mommy, I think I really am a superhero.  This (pointing to the green bridge piece he's been carrying around for a couple days) is my special super hero weapon.

(for reasons unknown to me, S wanted to hide behind him)

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