Wednesday, August 26, 2009

There are still good people

The other day J was jogging in an unfamiliar place. He used his iphone to look for a jogging path. He was following the signs and jogging along. Suddenly, the area was looking less like a jogging trail and more like a ghetto. He stopped someone walking down the road and asked for directions.

There had been a wrong turn somewhere along the way, and yes, he was in a pretty bad part of town. The stranger was really worried about J getting back to the hotel ok, and gave J his phone number. He asked J to call when he got back, and said he just wouldn't sleep well that night unless he knew J was ok.

I thought that was very sweet of the guy.

Now, as I type this out, I realize it's entirely possible that the guy was subtly hitting on J. My darling husband would be oblivious enough to not get the signals.

Regardless of his intentions, it reaffirmed my faith in humanity.

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Us*Plus*Three said...

Wendy, that is really nice of that guy. Believe it or not most people I know here are like that. That is why I love where I live. But we also have those that would be hitting on him too. LOL