Sunday, August 9, 2009

Purple Mashed Potatoes

I planted Adirondack Blue Potatoes in my garden this year. I am ashamed to admit how many times I've giggled with glee over these.

It is so fun to go digging in the dirt and find a POTATO! And even cooler, it's a BLUE potato! Best crop ever! I need to figure out a way to save a bunch and grow them next year.

Last night, I harvested enough potatoes to make blue mashed potatoes for the family. It turns out that quite a bit of the color boils out. I expected this.

This is what the potatoes looked like prior to boiling:

After boiling:

And after I mashed them:

Yes, I left the skins on. My reasons that I tell people include: "It's what restaurants do", or "There's more vitamins in mashed potatoes with the skins". The honest truth is that I'm lazy, and it's easier to just scrub them up, cut them up, and toss them in the pot.

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Robyn Jones said...

My son LOVES blue potatoes..he is 2.5 and thinks they are the coolest thing ever...I have to admit though..I am kind of weirded out...
I found your blog trying to find out how much Kirkland diapers were..LOL!
I LOVE THEM! My son went in the pool with them on, and we got the funniest video of him dancing with the diaper hanging on to his knees...
We have had nothing but problems with the pampers the last year...breaking so the beads come out..tabs breaking much for brand name..