Thursday, August 6, 2009

Funeral for Grandma Doris

We went to the funeral today for my Grandma. I had only planned on bringing K & M, but since they made both of my boys honorary pallbearers, I decided to take the whole bunch (minus my nephew, Jonathan, who I've been watching this week while his parents were on vacation). I was really worried about handling the kids on my own, so I made my severely funeral allergic husband take time off work to come too.

The kids did remarkably well at the funeral. They were very quiet and reverent, and seemed ok with seeing their grandma laying in a coffin.

Two of my grandma's bosses spoke at the funeral. When introduced as such, they quickly corrected the statement and said they were actually "two of Doris' BOSSED". The other funny part of the funeral is that one of the grandsons had once told her that he was special, and he knew it because he was the only one who had been called an "SOB" by my grandma. She'd replied that he was the only one to deserve it.

I think another grandchild of hers deserved that title, if not worse. Around Christmastime, she and my grandfather had decided to give all of the granddaughters a special ring for Christmas. They'd purchased all of the rings, and had them ready to go for Christmas. One of the grandkids is a drug addict. This person had come to visit, and brought a couple friends. After the visit was over, every single one of the rings were "misplaced". I was really angry about it at the time. But now that she's gone, I'm even more angry. Not that I missed out on a valuable present, but that I lost the last gift she'd picked out to give me.

After the funeral service, we went to the cemetery to dedicate the grave. As soon as we got there, S went to claim a seat so she could have a great seat for the grave dedication. It was very cute and funny to me. She cried today, saying that she was going to miss her "Grandma Dora". After the grave dedication, she wandered around today, and found a rose that had "fallen" off an arrangement. She sat on the front row again, playing with her rose. A cousin of my sat next to her, and had a flower in his hand. She turns to him and says, "Why did you steal that flower from the other flowers?" Flustered, he replied, "I didn't steal it. I was going to put it on the coffin in a minute." Sabrina replied back, "Oh. I'm not putting mine on the coffin." Then turned to me and said, "I'm not putting my flower on the coffin."

My grandparents' ward put together a really nice lasagna lunch to eat afterwards.

It seems like there was something else that happened that was really funny, but it's escaped me for now. If I remember, I'll edit.

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