Monday, August 17, 2009

a bit irritated. Literally!

Last August, on the advice of my optometrist, I switched from Acuvue Advanced to Acuvue Oasys. I was assured they were a much better contact. I hadn't been having any problems, but why not?

Things went ok until February. I started feeling a bit of pain, light sensitivity, eye goop, redness. I finally went to an urgent care in March. To make a long story short, I have been battling eye ulcers ever since. Since March, I have only been able to wear my contacts a couple days at a time until the ulcers come back. I keep my contacts very clean, change/clean my case frequently, change the contacts frequently. I have been using the same solution for years.

Since all this has started, I have literally spent hundreds of dollars on doctors appointments and antibiotics to treat this. I've replaced all of my makeup. I've spent money on sitters to go to said appointments. My doctor told me that I may have to consider giving up contacts altogether. I hate glasses. Really, really, really really hate them. This has been absolutely tortuous to wear glasses these past few months. The whole thing has been really upsetting to me.

J was talking to a co-worker of his late last week. He happened to mention all the problems I've been having with my contacts. Nate said he'd been having the exact same problems recently as well. He's a materials engineer, and started doing some research. Apparently, the new oasys contacts are silicone based, and allergies are popping up everywhere- the exact same symptoms I've been having.

mad people
more mad people
even more red eyed, angry people

I'm not sure who I am most angry with- myself for not doing more research, the opthomologist for not being aware of such a widespread problem, or Acuvue since this does seem to be such a big problem.

I have yet another appointment scheduled with this doctor tomorrow, and I will be switching brands. I bought my oasys contacts from Costco. I intend to return my unopened boxes.

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