Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Bird Picture

I think this little guy is going to start flying soon. I put an ad on KSL a few days ago, hoping to get a free/super cheap cage, but no responses yet.

I think I'll break down and buy one. I also think the bird is going to come camping with us- I don't feel like I can ask someone to feed a bird every 45 minutes or so.

His name is Jack Sparrow.


Unknown said...

He's so big! Already looks like a proper bird. Does he have to stay in a cage or can he just fly around your yard? Do you think he will fly back to you? When will he be able to take care of himself? So many questions!!

Wendy said...

Shaney, he is still needing to be fed via tweezers every 45 minutes or so. I guess when they're around 4 weeks old they begin to wean, or be able to feed themselves. However, I think he'll start flying very soon.