Friday, June 5, 2009

My Grandma "Dora"

I am lucky enough to have three sets of grandparents. My mom's parents divorced when she was very small, and each soon remarried. My grandfather married Doris, and she has always treated us a blood grandchild. S calls her "Grandma Dora" because of Dora the Explorer.

Back in December, Grandma's daughter, Lou Jean, died. It was a devastating blow to my grandma, and there were also some additional grandchild drama going on, so it's been a really tough time for my grandma. She hasn't felt quite well in months, and she and her doctors chalked it up to grief and stress. A couple days ago, she really didn't feel well and went to the doctor. She's been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and kidney failure. It seems incredibly unfair for her to have lung cancer when she was never a smoker, and she wasn't exposed to second hand smoke on a regular basis.

Things are very grim, from what I've heard. They want to do more tests and then decide whether or not to start chemo and dialysis. I want to come visit her, but so far, my schedule has been crazy with end of the year stuff, girl and boy scout stuff and a health assessment I'd had scheduled for myself.

I'm hoping to see her tomorrow.

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